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Raindrop Hopscotch Sensory Path

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Raindrop Hopscotch Sensory Path

This set includes 11 pre-cut decals – 1 Jump Cloud and 10 Rain Drops, ready to apply – no need for a professional installer.

All our decals come laminated with an anti-slip that is thick enough to not require any waxing!
Proud to be one of the only sensory path providers in Canada that offers odorless prints with Greenguard certified inks.

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Raindrop Hopscotch Sensory Path
This set consists of 11 pre-cut decals – 1 Jump Cloud and 10 Rain Drops.

All our sensory paths are laminated with anti-slip protection which means that you no longer need to apply wax.

We are one of the ONLY PROVIDERS to offer products with the following certifications:
– ODORLESS PRINTS – we use latex ink which doesn’t have any odor.
– GREENGUARD GOLD – product certified for low chemical emissions
– Acrylate Free
– Anti-slip rating R11
– Fire Rated Class A/0

PLEASE NOTE – If applied in high-traffic areas with shoes, a few coats of wax could be applied for extra durability.

With this set, you can create a sensory path of over 10 feet long.  Want to make it longer?  Order a second path and link them together!

If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page here.

PLEASE NOTE – these cannot be used on hardwood floor.


French, English

4 reviews for Raindrop Hopscotch Sensory Path

  1. Jackie

    I put them on the gym floor for my Adapted PE class. Everyone, including the Gen Ed kids love it as they go through my gym to their class. Other teachers bring their students in for a brain break to use them! (review from Etsy)

  2. Laura

    Excellent quality, easy to apply. Beautiful colors. (from Etsy)

  3. Anonymous

    My kids loved the stickers! Great quality, and they arrived sooner than expected

  4. Jessica S

    Every single part of this is amazing! My son has sensory processing disorder, and couldn’t stand on one foot for more than 3 seconds before we bought this. The first time we did this, he held onto the wall the whole time. Now, he does it with ease, and has so much fun doing it! (PERFECT for rainy days too!)

    What actually surprised me the most though was how easy it was to get on and off the floor. I thought we would just take the hit and ruin the floor and it would be worth it. But these are super, super easy to take off and move around and the floor has not been affected one bit! (We had to prove it to our landlord, and she was impressed!). Thank you, thank you Fun Sensory Play!

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