Sensory Path
Installation & Maintenance

Our sensory paths are very easy to install. Unlike other paths on the market, our sensory paths are laminated with a thicker protection that makes them easier to install by anyone, even with no previous experience.

That element was very important for us as we wanted our customers to feel confident about the installation.

The anti-slip lamination used also provides great protection therefore waxing over the decals is not necessary, but only recommended if you want to prolong the use of our decals.


Sensory path installation

1 – The decals will arrive in large sheet formats. You will need to cut around every shape in order to apply.

2 – Map out your path piece by piece before applying. We highly recommend this as it will avoid any repositioning.

3 – Once the path is mapped out, clean the floor with alcohol isopropyl. Let it dry completely before applying the decals.

4 – When you’re ready to apply, follow the steps in the image above. You can use a plastic ruler or a plastic card in order to apply pressure to the decal to remove any bubbles.

The application is complete!


Our decals are very low maintenance. Yes, you can wash your floors with the decals BUT it has to be a light wash (no scrubbing) and no harsh chemicals. Do not flood the decal with water as it may affect the decals.

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